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Friday, 25 September 2015

Inside Elephant Hole Cave

Acrylic, 8" by 10"

A quick study from memory, because drawing inside the cave was impossible (not least because I forgot to take a pencil with me....) and so was taking a photograph.  Having got in, the worry was whether I was going to be able to get out again.  The point from which I would have been standing in this one is where a tunnel leads through the cliff to another opening which is almost impossible to see from the outside.  I got through that, but the path was so treacherous that unfortunately I had to turn back the way I came.

Well, I can say I've done it now, anyway: I'm in no hurry to do it again.  I just hope that road works which are likely to be undertaken in the area don't destroy this part of the cliff and its environs forever.


  1. You are a busy chap......a blog and pol. Thing come in threes, what else are you on.

  2. How do Peter, delighted that you've commented here, now please sign up as a member of my blogspot! Truth is, I'm not on half as many places as I should be if I want to spread myself over the internet.