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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Just a Couple of Small Ones

I'm aiming to put most of my work on here, and in due course on the website at - so much to do at the moment that it'll take me a while; and how I could do with some help from a web expert.... anyone there?

In the meantime: these two are both small oils on canvas, 7" by 5" in their stockinged feet; not brilliantly photographed, but the best I've been able to do.  Colours are either a bit fuzzy or a touch brash: I may well re-post in due course, when I've got a better camera or better camera skills.

One is entitled Castlehaven Lane; the other Path Through the Trees; and I live in hope you'll be able to tell which is which....   Around £40.00 each, for any keen purchaser.  Just email me, and I'll tell you, with obscene haste, how you can pay.  They're on box canvases - don't strictly speaking need frames, but I would frame them if it were up to me: a frame helps to focus the eye.

E-book on oil painting for absolute beginners on its way - most of the writing is finished, just need to finish the illustrations and write the last two sections, plus Index.  I think it'll be priced in the region of £10, in pdf form.  By all means express an interest now - it IS for absolute beginners, but I think more experienced painters might find it of some interest too: does you good to go back to basics now and then.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Small oils

Very quick blog entry; I've been painting small oils on canvas, 7" by 5" - and I had a lot of trouble photographing them.  I'm told the issue is camera shake.  However - a fellow contributor to the Painters Online website, Mick Saunders, has tidied up one of my rather poor photographs, and I'll display it here - even now it doesn't have quite the density of colour that the original painting has, but it's the best photographic version available so far....

Others in this "series" - it isn't really a series at all, although they're all landscapes - can be found on POL:

This one is called Fresh Day in July.  Because - it was!