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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The Long Delay - The Fallow Months....

In November last year - I think it was only in November, I seem to have entered a breach in the space-time continuum - I agreed to take on the job of Secretary/Agent of the Isle of Wight Labour Party; a position I last occupied from 1975 to 1992

Since then, the only thing I've painted has been a birthday card for my mum's 93rd birthday.  Either I had minutes to type, or letters to write, or rules, standing orders and more to read, or I was just too tired to pick up a paint-brush.

This must end!  I will paint something this week if I have to go on strike to do it.

In the meantime, my old website is now defunct, and a new one is in the process of creation - with a bit of help from my friends.  So I shall have to paint something new in order to populate it. 

Watch this space, if you would - announcements will be made shortly..........  I sense your mounting excitement.....