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Friday, 30 August 2013

Pictures from an Exhibition

These were taken at our recent Vectis Artisans exhibition at the Presentation House Gallery in Ryde, IW.  One shows a couple of my paintings, another shows paintings by Becky Samuelson, Tony Westmore, Murray Ince, and others; and the ceramic models are by Juliet Collins.

It has to be admitted that we did not do well at this Gallery, which is a new venture and unfortunately situated in a quiet part of town (other parts of which can be anything but) and has not yet made a name for itself as a venue.  It is however a beautiful building, and I very much hope that in time it will become the premier venue it so deserves to be - a bit more work on publicity is required before that's likely to happen; but although it wasn't profitable for us, on the whole, it was a pleasure to spent time with other artists in the group, whom I'd not got to know well before, and to learn about their techniques and approach to painting.

We learn a bit more from each exhibition, and although these are hard times for anyone working in the visual arts, I hope we'll have more financial success next time.

Sorry, old age!  I've forgotten who painted the picture on the far right in the second photo - pity, as I DO remember it received a lot of very favourable comments....  I had the name when I started this post, but it deserted me minutes later.  Oh dear.  I'd take a memory pill, if I could remember where I put them..........

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Get Well Roger....

A get-well card to Roger Skidmore, who had the inestimable privilege to be my optician for some years, who has suffered a detached retina.  As I've had the same operation, I fully sympathize: it takes a while to recover from this.   I hope his surgeon was as good as mine.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Vectis Artisans Exhibition, August 23rd to 28th, Ryde, Isle of Wight

Vectis Artisans (Vectis being the Roman name for the Isle of Wight), a group of 11 island artists founded by Murray Ince, are holding only their second joint exhibition from Aug 23rd to  28th at the old Nunnery (Presentation House), 55 High Street, Ryde.  Doors open between 11am and 4pm.  Paintings, ceramic sculpture, photography - come and pay us a visit.