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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Oil painting without solvents

Right then - for a while now I've been telling people who don't like to use White Spirit, or Odourless Mineral Spirits, or Turpentine, that you don't HAVE to use solvents with your oil paint.  You can just use Linseed Oil, or, indeed, nothing at all.  No Liquin, no Oil Painting Medium, no Turps or Linseed.

In practice, doing without any oil or medium at all isn't easy when using brushes - though perfectly possible if employing a painting knife.  But what I didn't necessarily tell people was that I did tend to use a little bit of solvent, either to apply a colour wash to the painting board, or to clean brushes, or to make the paint more workable.

So - I've just started an oil painting in which I intend to use Linseed Oil, and possibly a little Stand Oil towards the end, but no Turps, no spirits, at all.  I know it can be done, it's just that I haven't really ever done it.  We shall see what transpires.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

New page on Facebook

I now have a page on Facebook that will be devoted entirely to my artwork - no politics, no idle chat, no long, rambling moans...........

Robert Jones Isle of Wight Landscapes is its title, at least until I can think of something snappier.  My brain tends not to work in that way, at least when it comes to self-promotion. 

Anyway, take a shufti.