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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Too Pooped to Paint

Far too hot, and I've had one or two health issues, to paint in the last few weeks: beginning to get cooler, and I'm beginning to feel better, so back to the fray very soon.  Today was the last day of the Alfred 'Paddy' Kerr Art Group's exhibition at Ventnor Botanic Gardens: I go back tomorrow to either pick up my unsold paintings, or a bag of cash ..... guess which it'll be...

Beginning to think that exhibitions are an exercise in ever diminishing returns: it's either the wrong time of year, or the venue isn't what it used to be, or the recession is still in full flood, whatever the government claims, or a mix of all these things.  In the case of the Botanic Gardens, the loss of the through-road hasn't exactly helped - where once people would drive by, notice it, and stop, or plan a visit and find a direct route, now the main road has gone over the cliff; there is no passing traffic, and the place is that much harder to get to.

Not only that, but the last Tory council, defeated all too late, sold the Gardens to a private owner - people didn't like that, and they certainly don't like to have to pay to park their cars and pay AGAIN to actually get into the Gardens.  One of the many things I hate about the Tories: if it isn't nailed down, they'll flog it.........

This is probably my last exhibition this year; I don't enjoy them very much, and coinciding with blood pressure/oedema problems I haven't exactly been a-float on a bubble of enthusiasm.  Stick to selling on the web, I think - it's a lot less labour-intensive.

Or a gallery to represent me would be good - apply within!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Link to E-book on Amazon Kindle Store

This is the link to the e-book Oil Paint Basics on the Amazon Kindle Store which I should have posted before.......