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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I hadn't realized it was quite so long since my last post - I haven't died, well, no more than usual, I've just been taken up with so many different things that I've not really been able to concentrate on any one of them. Anyone interested in my heroic efforts to sort out Mail Merge and address labels for an organization whose newsletter I edit? No? Thought not.

So instead of boring myself even sillier with all that, I shall post, in what I hope will be a sequence of three stages, one of my recent oils - the finished piece has appeared on the Painters Online wesbite ( but I thought the three stages of its completion might be of some interest.

I could have broken this down into more stages than three, but these should give some idea - I just went in with the brush to establish the first shapes, with paint thinned with spirit on a base of burnt sienna with just a very small touch of blue, to grey it a bit. The canvas size is 7" by 9" - fairly small, but that reflects my present financial state, unfortunately...

Incidentally, the Fawley chimney painting posted earlier is no more: I've painted over it. On reflection, I felt it was just pretty awful; we all have ideas which seemed good at the time, and this was one of them. Never mind: as someone said, try again, fail better. Beckett, I think: cheery soul, but one takes his point....