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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Forthcoming (one day) e-book

I'm in the process of writing an e-book on oil painting for beginners - and also thinking about doing one on acrylics, but first things first: I've only got the Introduction and outline for the oil one yet.  Thing is, there's a dearth of material in any one place which really takes the beginner by the hand - a lot of stuff for the intermediate painter; and again, precious little for the beyond intermediate.  All the things I wanted to know when I started out, for instance, are extremely hard to find in any article or book I've seen in the last few years: they all seem to assume a basis of knowledge (about surfaces, brushes, colours) that the real beginner just hasn't got.  
When it's available, I'll post the news here and elsewhere - there will be a charge, because a lot of work needs to go into it; but even so, it'll be a lot cheaper than buying the half-dozen books you'd otherwise need, or signing up to a course of instruction (not that there's anything wrong with those, if you can afford it; trouble is, few of us can).

In the meantime, I have a short article on water-colour disasters - mine, to be specific - in the current electronic newsletter of The Artists Publishing Company, aka Painters Online -

And here is a sample of my latest watercolours, photographed as well as I can given there's rotten light in my hovel, and I can't take the blessed things outside to photograph them because of the foul weather.....  Working on an oil at the moment - hoping, as always, that it works out.......

This is the one that featured in my e-newsletter piece - of Niton Down, Isle of Wight, with the Hoy Monument.

And this is a reworking of an older acrylic, in watercolour, of Perreton, near Arreton, IW.  Both of these available for sale, offers of £40 or so happily considered!  Usual address,