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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Opening a Branch Office

Well it took a while, but I've finished the picture whose early stages I showed below.  The old tree with its huge branch (hence title) is off the Old Blackgang Road in Niton Undercliff - the road leads to an area of managed countryside known as Knowles Farm, and used to take traffic on to Blackgang and beyond - until the cliff fell on it in the 1920s.

Well worth going up it to reach the landscape beyond though - there's a lot of open space, and a path down to the usually deserted beach, if you can penetrate dense undergrowth, and then scramble down to the beach below, which I can't do.  Well, I could get down, not necessarily in one piece, but I couldn't get back up again.

It would be good if we could turn back the clock and regain our lost youth - I'd know what to DO with it now: I didn't, when I had it.

Acrylic, on canvas board, 16" by 12"