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Friday, 22 November 2013

Catch-up time...

There won't be a blog post for November if I don't pull my finger out soon, so - er, Hallo!  I've had a bit of time off while my pain-killers (killers! Ha...!) were adjusted; and I see that my poor blogspot is free of advertising - suggesting that no one is reading it - and that I still have only 16 followers, one of whom has, sadly, passed away.

It's not encouraging, is it?

Still - I know that people DO visit, because they tend to comment elsewhere - eg, on Facebook.  So I shall persist, in spite of indifference: I don't care if you don't care, so yah, boo......  Except I do, of course.

Anyway - while I've not been entirely inactive, it's been hard to take photos of recent paintings because they were on watercolour paper: too dark in the Batcave to get a decent shot, impossible to take a pic outside because the wind would have blown them away or the perishing rain would have destroyed them.  I'll post a couple - BAD photographs, I fear, but then at least no one will be tempted to steal them, as they sometimes do (not you, gentle reader: just the odd rat-fink from China).

Now, how about buying an e-book on Oil Painting Basics for Christmas?  Present it to your budding artists - you've heard this Spiel before, but it's always worth a punt.  Oil Paint Basics, by Robert Phillip Jones, Amazon Kindle Store.  Go on, you know you want to.  You do.  No, you do.  Do.

I did SAY they were bad photos: I'll tickle 'em up a bit in a day or three.  Both watercolours, on Bockingford.  If you're interested in purchase and want a better scan, just email me or comment.