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Friday, 25 September 2015

Cripple Path II, and Elephant Hole Cave

A couple of recent oils - the top one is another version of the Cripple Path, from the cliffs down to Undercliff Drive near Ventnor - and I think it's a bit cold: I may add a warm glaze (of transparent oil colour) in places.

The second is of the quite remote Elephant Hole Cave, also off Undercliff Drive.  This, in the appropriate season, is the home for rare bats - there is some concern locally that the road will be diverted all too near to this site, disturbing the bats and destroying a unique bit of landscape which, once gone, can never be replaced.

Sometimes any painter must feel like the Yorkshire artist John McCombs - getting to these places just before the bulldozer.

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  1. I've now added a warmer glaze to the top one, Cripple Path II - haven't made any structural changes, but just glazed a mainly Indian Yellow glaze in places, plus a little Burnt Sienna, and have also firmed up some rather vague spots with a bit of darker paint: nothing dramatic, but I'll post the amended version when I can photograph it in daylight.