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Friday, 23 December 2011

Try again

That didn't work at all; no picture. Try again, fail better....

Christmas Greetings

Festive bunting and frolics to all. This is my Christmas card for 2011. I know it's not reverent or spiritual in any way, but then - other than the worship of rats - I have no religion. This is a watercolour, incidentally - not the loveliest and most limpid specimen of its kind, but I do enjoy painting rats' tails in watercolour; the colours can be allowed to bleed into each other, in a remarkably accurate way.... I offer this tip to the many thousands who really, really wanted to know how to paint rats' tails.

Many thanks to those who have sent me cards and prezzies (including myself: I always feel that giving is so important, and where better to start than with oneself?) and I hope that, although many of you comment on my blog and galleries on Painters Online, more of you will comment here too: it encourages me to keep the blog going.