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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Wide Blue Yonder

Posting this latest acrylic with Chromacolour, from a photograph by Bob Blake of an area I well know but find it difficult to get to these days.....  30cm by 40cm.  And for sale (of course) - I must put it on the website, which sorely needs an update...

A fellow-artist was wondering the other day whether, in view of the expense, it's possible to go on painting in oil.  Trouble is that if you get a bit better at it, you want better paint - and the better paint costs a lot more than the basic student grades, like Daler Rowney Georgian and Winsor and Newton's Winton.  It IS a problem, but I'll never abandon oil unless it just becomes prohibitive.

Acrylic, fortunately, remains affordable and has its own advantages.  I'm told that art buyers favour oil over acrylic, but if they do they're going to find the cost of work steadily climbing.  Working on a small one at the moment - it'll take longer to finish than this acrylic did, because of drying times.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Nervously waiting .....

An exhibition looms with Vectis Artisans on Wednesday pm (set-up), from June 13th to 18th, at Quarr Abbey on the Isle of Wight, in which I'm supposed to be taking part.  

Well, I WILL take part, one way or the other, but am awaiting framing pieces which, as yet, haven't arrived...  They would have done, of course, if I'd ordered them earlier; or I could have got the pictures framed professionally - am just reluctant to provide any more than temporary frames, because I like buyers to choose their own frames: a minority view, probably, but then most of my views are minority views.

I'm not, for various reasons, quite ready or prepared for this exhibition - thanks solely to my failure to pay attention, I was planning towards another exhibition we're to hold in August, in Ryde town itself, and allowed this one to creep up on me.

Anyway, this photograph taken by my landlord, one Chris Hayes-Davis, shows me waiting anxiously at the gates.....

Friday, 7 June 2013

Surplus to My Requirements - But How About Yours?

I have in the region of 100 artists' magazines - mostly The Artist, Artists & Illustrators, and International Artist, presently taking up space which I don't really have to spare.  They were useful in their time, but I've read them now and absorbed all I'm ever going to.

If you're an art student, tutor, interested artist, or a dentist with a waiting room, come to that, you're more than welcome to them.  I don't want anything for them, but the downside is that unless you only want a few and live near enough to me for me to be able to get them to you, you'll have to collect them.  They're in generally good condition, and date from between 2000 and 2011,

First come (if anybody does) first served.