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Saturday, 20 October 2012

New Follower!

Welcome Basil

Being slow, I haven't quite worked out who you are and to whom you're connected, although I've got a sort of idea; a head cold is fogging my intellectual processes.  Which are always a wee bit on the misty side.

No work to post, because it's all been done for other people and is specific to them; in other words, I should  spoil the surprise they're hoping their Christmas cards will cause this year if I go and show my (obviously fabulous) artwork here.

My e-book on oil painting for beginners is nearly finished, though - back, back, patience! - and I shall shortly advertise its availability and wait for those orders to come pouring in, making me fabulously wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.  Although my dreams are pretty wild....  the reality is likely to be somewhat less so.

And in the meantime, I'm still trying to get my Pension Credits sorted out ... the Dept of Work and Pensions thought I was self-employed - until they looked at this year's sales figures....

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  1. Just caught up with this Blog, Robert. My expo opened on the 19th and I have been stewarding all week 'til 27th and too knackered when I got home at ten o/clock each day to open the emails.
    Good luck with the book. I produced a small booklet 'The Art of Sketching'. Only 26 pages but full of sketches and some 'pearls' of wisdom on the subject. Just ran off six copies to display and sell at the expo to test the water. Read by most (Felt like a lending library) and sold three. Have sent a copy to a friend in the UK for an opinion to see whether it's worth expanding and trying for a publisher. Haven't a CC business account for people to use ( After all this is a hobby!) and at €10 the charge just covers the outlay.
    (IR please note).
    Read your Guardian piece with great interest and went along with your thoughts. Can understand why you received a bit of flack but it was only from nerds so ignore.
    I'm on an 'Equal Strain On All Parts' mode for a couple of weeks to regather my energy. A lot of reading to catch up not least John Guy's Biography of Beckett. Picking up a pencil for an hour each day to keep my hand in. Other than that - Notalot.