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Friday, 7 September 2012

Lioness for my Landlady.

My landlady, one Pat Mann, was 82 today.  You wouldn't know it: she still gardens, walks for miles, even runs sometimes.  And she has a character to go with her physical vigour.  That, it may be said, of a fairly savage beast, once roused.....

So what better, I thought, than a birthday card featuring a lioness and the legend "Oh Bugger, Another Birthday!  And yes, I do look good, for my BLOODY AGE!!
"And the next one to say so gets MAULED."

Timorously, and yet with extraordinary bravery once you  think about it, I presented the card to her this morning.  And got a glass of her birthday champagne, AND a slice of birthday cake.  So she must have seen the funny side.  Or be planning a horrid revenge ......

We shall see.  Here be the Lioness, in irritable mode.

Painted, by the way, in Chromacolour, from  An acrylic which can be used as watercolour, gouache, "ordinary" acrylic or, with the use of gel thickeners, even as oil.


  1. We can only dream of reaching that age, still fit and with such a character. This is also probably why she is physically so full of energy. My mother-in-law reached the honorable age of 96 and she also had a "character" like that!!!
    What an original idea for a card, Robert. I am not surprised that she appreciated it, being the way she is.
    Anyway: look out for the revenge!!!!

  2. Hallo Mia, how lovely to have you comment... Do visit again!

  3. so much more personnel than a fluffy kitten.
    I think you should approach Hallmark cards with this one !

  4. Haha! That's an awesome card to give your landlady, Robert! How long have you been a tenant of her? She sounds like a really tough granny, of course she'd seen the funny side. =)