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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Latest effort, and welcome to follower(s)

Well, here we are again. I see I have a follower, and he's very welcome. I've been struggling with an acrylic/Chromacolour - it gave me enormous problems, partly because I've been working on a rigid support, a ready-made MDF sheet with canvas glued to it; it has many advantages (ie, cheapness!) but I feel I'd have got on much better with a stretched canvas. I'm not sure that canvas glued to MDF has much to offer over plain primed MDF; although a rougher weave of canvas would have helped, I suspect. Any opaque painting technique needs some "tooth" in the support - stretched canvas provides this, as does roughly primed MDF or hardboard (which they call Masonite in the USA).
On the Painters Online website, I've suggested that painting is not something which one needs undertake in any kind of hurry - there is no virtue in completing a painting at any particular speed. My latest, which I shall attempt to attach, is an example of this; it required a large amount of scumbling and glazing; it may have lost a little in terms of spontaneity, but in acrylic you either go for the immediate impression, or a more considered approach; not sure that compromises between the two work very well.
Anyway, here it is; a view of Knowles Farm, Niton Undercliff, Ventnor, Isle of Wight; the range of cliff in the distance is Rocken End, and I've taken some liberties with the topography, on the grounds that, if you want accuracy, take a photo.
By the way - I paint in watercolour, acrylic, and oil; it may be that I would do better to concentrate on one of these, but I've seen no real need to limit myself: and anyway, a change is as good as a rest - I think. But, if you have a different view, let me know. Can't guarantee I shall agree with you, but I'm always interested in others' opinions.

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