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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Oil painting - no solvents

Well, that was a revelation.  I've always used a little Turpentine or odourless mineral spirits of one kind or other in oil painting until recently.  Experimenting with none, I first of all produced a couple of rather dry looking paintings (though varnish will sort them out in due course). 

This one however doesn't look dry - I used a minimal quantity of Linseed Oil as medium, and nothing else at all.  Moreover, I didn't feel I needed anything else - so goodbye Liquin, Turpentine, Low Odour Spirits, Sansodor, and all the other things customarily mixed with oil paint to make it flow. 

And yes, Linseed Oil will tend to yellow somewhat, but the addition of solvents does nothing to counteract that anyway.

Apologies for it being a snow scene, when we'd hoped to have seen the last of it, though.


  1. Hello Robert, That´s very interesting. A friend of mine suggested Schmincke Mussini medium 3 as an alternative. He says it will speed up the drying process too. I have yet to try it.

  2. I have painted in acrylic and watercolor. I have yet to try oil paints as buying and using solvents made it seem like a hassle. Perhaps I will give this a go now.