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Thursday, 22 September 2016

From St Catherine's Down - final, definitive, last, completed, done, version.

Right - I've finished it.  This is the final product - it needed a little dark in the mid-distance, and a little warming up in places; I shouldn't have used stark white - perhaps a little red, orange or Naples Yellow mixed with it would have helped.

But anyway, I have now adjusted it, glazed it, and it now looks as it did to me on the day I was up there.

Thanks to me for my photograph and sketch, and to Barry Fitzgerald for his photograph.  I would paint on the spot, but I just can't lug equipment about; hard enough lugging myself about.

Thanks also to Michael Harding, the paint-maker, without whose Cobalt Blue this would have been a lot more difficult.

By the way, I do know the picture is somewhat skew-whiff: it's my lack of camera skills that is to blame.

Oil on canvas board, 16" by 12"
From St Catherine's Down

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