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Friday, 26 June 2015

Isle of Wight Open Studios

Well, I fear I can hardly open mine, because I work from my humble flat: and when I say "humble", you can take that as a euphemism for "squalid": also small, pokey, hard to get to...

Nonetheless, it's always more or less open to anyone who happens to be in the Niton Undercliff * area and feels like calling round; and there's usually something to be dug out of storage to delight the connoisseur, punter, customer, or person who's just feeling the urge to spend.  I take cash, cheques - with a bit of proof of identity - and cigars.....

And here's a few of the latest, although three of them have already gone.

From the top - drawing of Dracula's Castle in charcoal, pigment ink pen, and Chinese ink; Watercolour of trees at the roadside, on the old Blackgang Road; Pensive Fox in Chromacolour acrylic, and Dormouse ditto - the bottom two combine opaque and transparent acrylic, plus a bit of texturing in the lower picture - proving that you can use salt with liquid acrylic just as you can with watercolour.

* If you can find St Catherine's Road, along which is situated the Buddle Inn, you'll find Castlehaven Lane branching away from it and taking you, ultimately, to Reeth Bay.  Half way along the lane is Reeth Lodge, behind big stone pillars; wander up the drive, past a cottage on your right, another on your left, until you come to a farm-type gate, with a smaller gate to its side - and beyond that are the delights of Reeth Lodge, myself, and a small border terrier which is tolerably friendly and hardly lethal at all......  

I just don't know how you can resist..  

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