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Monday, 2 February 2015

Over the Hill and Far Away

A new acrylic - I have another one on the easel at the moment, and when I've finished that (delayed by not feeling all that well just at the mo') I shall try something different - change of medium, at least.

This one is 12" by 16".


  1. Many thanks, Amanda - it may take me forever to reply to messages, but I get round to them eventually. This was one I liked at the time, and had doubts about later - but then, one shouldn't dwell on things but get on with something new.

    My great aunt didn't like it - and she usually knows that of which she speaks: but you've got to try different things. Anything but conceptual art, basically. Or sculpture. Collage. Tatting. Tole work. Corn dollies. Anything, then, but those.....

  2. Actually - do you know - looking at it again.... I do rather like it! Chromacolour paints, basically - beautiful, clear, clean colours; Prussian Blue for the sky, which isn't really supposed to work if you read SO many articles and books which disparage it, but it still does. (Talk it up, Jones: someone might buy it...)