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Thursday, 30 October 2014

New oil, Autumn on the Undercliff

What with arthritis in my lower back, joining up with arthritis in my neck and shoulders, I haven't felt up to painting for a while - but the snag is, it's so easy to lose your momentum, and your touch (so far as I have one: self-deprecation being my middle names).  So on the whole, it's better to plough on through pain and discomfort and get on with it.

This is a bit of a moody one, I suppose.  Rat present and correct, if you should choose to look for him.  Used the Cadmiums in this one - Yellow, and Red Deep: quite how I'm going to replace them if the bloody EU bans them, I don't yet know; maybe the Cad.  Red Deep could be substituted with Winsor Red Deep, which is basically Pyrrole Red; although it doesn't have the plumminess.  But the Yellow - much more difficult: there are very, very few strong, opaque yellows.

A decision is due on Cadmium in paints in December: I suppose I could stock up on them, but as these are some of the most expensive colours you can get, I'm a bit limited in how many I could afford in one go.

I dunno - life gets tedious, dunnit?


  1. Keep taking the tablets washed down with a good malt whiskey. May not cure but you feel less pain.
    When you have a day or three I'll tell you about my problems. Did you know I nearly died in July?

  2. Hm. Made a comment, which disappeared.. Anyway, yes, I did know that and was worried I hadn't heard from you lately: I took a look at your blog page just yesterday to see if there was any news.... And here you are! I went for the Grand Armagnac rather than the malt whiskey....