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Monday, 21 April 2014

Castlehaven (Reeth Bay), Evening

I painted this a while ago - few weeks, that is - but followed it up with the small sketch of the same subject but in daylight.  I posted the little 'un, but had camera issues and couldn't show the bigger.  It's fairly fussy, really - I was experimenting with various kinds of oil paint.  I don't honestly know what I think of it, but anyway - here it is, for better or for worse.

This one is 30 by 40 cm, on canvas-covered MDF board.  And - probably obviously - it's an oil.


  1. This is a real beauty, Robert. I especially like the atmospheric colours in the sky. Wonderful subject, this is different from what we are used to see from you. Are you going to post it on the POL-site? You should it is wonderful.

  2. Good atmosphere, Robert. Not sure about the water. With that scudding clouds sky I would have expected more water disturbance. But a small point.
    Never got round to commenting on your last two; I've been a bit lazy lately. Ticker playing up but go for heart ultrasound today and see the Cardio next Monday. so it will be interesting to see if he gets out a prescription pad or a tape measure.
    I like both of the previous scenes enormously. I do not think they are too dark and are full of character.
    I have two or three new ones to put on the website and must try to get round to doing that in the next few days. must put them on POL too as I have neglected that of late.
    Keep 'em coming, My Friend, yours are always stimulating and worth seeing.

  3. Thanks to both for your comments; hope the ticker keeps ticking, Brian... so many things go wrong when you start getting a bit older, and you don't have to be THAT old, either! I've got an X-ray coming up, and have to monitor the blood pressure for a few weeks... Still: keep going...