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Friday, 30 August 2013

Pictures from an Exhibition

These were taken at our recent Vectis Artisans exhibition at the Presentation House Gallery in Ryde, IW.  One shows a couple of my paintings, another shows paintings by Becky Samuelson, Tony Westmore, Murray Ince, and others; and the ceramic models are by Juliet Collins.

It has to be admitted that we did not do well at this Gallery, which is a new venture and unfortunately situated in a quiet part of town (other parts of which can be anything but) and has not yet made a name for itself as a venue.  It is however a beautiful building, and I very much hope that in time it will become the premier venue it so deserves to be - a bit more work on publicity is required before that's likely to happen; but although it wasn't profitable for us, on the whole, it was a pleasure to spent time with other artists in the group, whom I'd not got to know well before, and to learn about their techniques and approach to painting.

We learn a bit more from each exhibition, and although these are hard times for anyone working in the visual arts, I hope we'll have more financial success next time.

Sorry, old age!  I've forgotten who painted the picture on the far right in the second photo - pity, as I DO remember it received a lot of very favourable comments....  I had the name when I started this post, but it deserted me minutes later.  Oh dear.  I'd take a memory pill, if I could remember where I put them..........

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  1. Kate Bolton - that's the name of the artist who painted the horses in twilight picture. I knew it would come to me eventually.....