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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hoy Monument

This is a much more direct painting than the last one - I didn't build it up on a monochrome base, but got my colours in early, then glazed different blues and violets over the sky and background, and a little over the middle-ground.  Used Titanium and Zinc White, and not much of the latter - they worked: Daler Rowney Georgian Titanium White is actually rather pleasant to work with; but I think my favourite Flake White would have been a little easier.  Still - was life meant to be easy?

Obviously not, going by my experience of it.

This is 30cm by 40cm, and although I know the area well, it's from a photograph (freely adapted) by Bob Blake.

I may yet do some more glazing, in the foreground at least .... just to calm down some discordant bits which have become (I think) over-prominent.


  1. Robert, it is always a pleasure to read your posts and be reminded of the beautiful scenery my family and I enjoyed so much during our holidays on the IOW.

  2. Thanks Pat, always a pleasure to hear from you: I think one gets blasé about a place when one lives there: takes it for granted. And the island has changed for the worse in my lifetime - too much development, of too low a quality. My favourite place remains Tennyson Down, out in the West Wight ... where I used to wander, when I lived there for the first 34 years of my life, when I wanted to get away from everything (and everybody). I don't think I've ever painted it, though! I must rectify this....