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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nearly time for a Change

Most of my recent paintings have been watercolours; it's a medium I find fascinating, not least because it's the one in which I'm least proficient - so there's always the pleasure of discovery.  I've shown most of the recent ones on the Painters Online gallery,, but here's one I haven't put on POL (yet, at least).  I'm not great at painting yachts - as you'll have noticed - but that's what these are supposed to be, from last year's Round the Island race off the coast at Niton Undercliff.

I feel it's time for a change of medium - so I'll be getting back into acrylic and oil shortly; there should be one more watercolour to come for the moment, always assuming that the one I'm currently working on doesn't go horribly wrong (always a strong likelihood with watercolour).  In the meantime - this one, like all of my paintings, is for sale - around £60 for this one; email me at robertjones@ratville,; you can pay by Paypal on my website ( which is LONG overdue for an overhaul.  I'm supposed to be running it myself these days, but would really like someone to hold my hand while I do it....

Well, they never taught us about computers when I was at school...........


  1. HI Robert, will we still get to see your work on POL? I love your new painting, it reminds me of happy times on holiday on the beautiful IOW. Kind regards. Kirstie

  2. This is a very beautiful and atmospheric watercolour, Robert, I like it very much. There is nothing wrong with the way you painted the yachts. I especially like your composition (more details, heavier and filled up to the right side), the tree and the grasses in the foreground, well... everything in it. I hope you are going to post it on POL. We, the POL-members, not often have the opportunity to thank you for your lovely comments on our works and return the compliments. All the best, Mia :)

  3. I'll put it on POL too: trying to encourage people to come to this blog; and when I finally get round to running the website, I'll plug that more heavily too.

    Many thanks for comments; I think the yachts are a bit idiosyncratic, the trouble is I see so many of them I hardly look at them any more...

  4. Always liked your strong foliage, Robert and it works well here without overpowering the subject matter.
    Nice to be back in touch again.

  5. Robert, you are the guy always happy to help beginners with sound advice on the painters on line, web site

    I like your folliage in your landscapes and the lovely paintings you do of the Isle of white country side . they are great