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Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I think so; I took a wonderful photograph of this today - better than the one I'm going to post, bar one thing - an unidentified flying insect settled right on top of the pole to the left... I may be able to remove it in Paintshop Pro, if I can remember how to use it. But, for the time being, I have tightened up details, without I hope overdoing it, applied a limited amount of glazing, and I think it's more or less there: I shall post it on the Painters Online website, and see what fellow-artists make of it. Didn't add any further colours, so the total palette for this painting was Flake White; small quantity of Titanium White; Indian Red; Cadmium Red Deep; Raw Sienna; Yellow Ochre; Naples Yellow; Indian Yellow; Cadmium Yellow; tiny amount of Sap Green; Pthalo Blue; Cobalt Blue; tiny amounts of Indigo, Vandyke Brown, and Mars Brown. The greens you can see - the Sap Green was mixed with red,l to make some of the deeper shadows - were all mixed from blue, generally Pthalo, and a variety of yellows. I found Indian Yellow especially useful in the early layers, it gives a quite luminous quality thanks to its transparency. The brand I used on this occasion was Winsor and Newton's.
It did turn out somewhat dark in the end, the sky determining the amount of light in the picture. It reminds me in style of a painting of a sadly deceased friend of mine, Barry Rawlings - doubt he'd be flattered by the comparison; but he had a thing for romantic landscape, and the Undercliff is an area which would have suited him well.

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