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Tuesday, 21 April 2015 Updated!

Well, there's an error on the Gallery page - images are pixellated - but at last I've managed to upload my new files to the Buy page of   So take a look - and better still, BUY something.

My new 24" monitor helped, because my vision is poor, and I must record my thanks to 3iX web-hosting, and the Serif online web community, for a LOT of help.

And now, flushed with success (but determined to fix the errors later) I'm off to bed - where I shall sleep without that crippling feeling of guilt which my web-funk has been causing me for so long.

And here's a photo of Charlie, my landlord's little Border Terrier, looking tremendously impressed by my cleverness.....


  1. Off TO bed, that should be. I wasn't actually ON the bed to start with.... I suppose you can edit blog posts, but Gawd knows how.

    1. Ah. Well that's something else I've learned today: I just edited my post. Keep this up, and by the time I'm 96 I'll be a web wizard!

  2. Robert, I have had a look at your updated website. Congratulations on beating the technology. I suppose the next step will be to figure out how to up upload pictures without pixellating them (big friendly smile).