Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Followers

Welcome to you - please make comments, add your own thoughts: it gets lonely out here - and I don't remove comments unless they're stupidly rude: a bit of honest criticism never comes amiss.

Those fresh from Comment is Free (chortle, gasp, snigger) on the Guardian will know what I think of as rude.  Insult my opinions as much as you like: but don't insult me unless you know me well enough to do so.

And if you do know me well enough to do so - what kind of friend are you anyway, you git?

1 comment:

  1. Hey Robert you are a cheeky monkey aren't you, just found your foot in mouth blog about someone's Kate Middleton portrait, just glad it wasn't mine! I would never have remonstrated with you in that way anyway, not my style ! I have signed this as anon because I'm new to this blogging and website thingy, just getting into it, it's me Ros P by the way, like that coastal WIP keep going with it, no trips to the dentist get outs! Anyway bye for now